If you have never been to Colorado and have a dream that you are in Colorado, then it suggests that you need to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer. 

Coloring Book

To see or color in a coloring book symbolizes childhood. It indicates that you have a carefree attitude, free from any responsibilities. On the other hand, the dream may be warning you against being idle and wasting time on fruitless pursuits. Consider the significance of the color you are using and what you are coloring. What is depicted in the coloring book suggests that you need to be more expressive in that area. 

*Please See Also Crayons.


To have a colorless dream suggests a depressed mood and a feeling of sadness. You may be shutting yourself off from others.


Colors in dreams represent energy, emotions, and vibes. First consider what that single color in your dream means to you and your own personal associations and relationship with that color. In general, pale pastel colors indicate weakness or subtlety. Dark colors represent passion and intensity. Bright colors mean awareness. 

To dream in color and then dream in black and white suggests that you are starting to look at a situation from a more objective perspective instead of from an emotional standpoint. You are subconsciously reacting to events in the dream.

Please see Dream Moods Dream Themes: Colors.


To see a colt in your dream suggests that you are feeling awkward and insecure. You may also be starting to unleash your unused potential.


To see columns in your dream symbolize strength and hard work. You may be feeling burdened or drained in some way or that you find yourself needing to support others.


To dream that you are in a coma indicates your helplessness and inability to function in some given situation. You are not prepared for the major changes that are happening around you. Alternatively, your dream coma state may reflect what is really happening to your body when you are in the dream stage of sleep. In this stage of sleep, your body remains immobile as if it was paralyzed; commonly referred to as REM paralysis.


To dream that you are combing your hair suggests your need to organize and sort your thoughts. You need to search for some elements that are not clear to you in a situation or relationship. Alternatively, combing you hair may highlight your preoccupation with appearances and beauty over substance and quality.

*Please see also Hair:

Combination Lock

To see or use a combination lock in your dream indicates that you are shutting yourself down and not letting others in. Consider the numbers in the combination for additional significance.

To dream that you forgot your combination indicates that you are reluctant in fully expressing yourself. Something is holding you back. Alternatively, the dream may also parallel a date or appointment that you have forgotten.


To see a combustion in your dream represents violent rage or sudden anger. You have kept your feelings inside for too long and it is erupting uncontrollably.

*P lease See Also Fire .


To see or dream that you are a comedian suggests that you need to be more carefree. You are feeling overburdened from your daily problems and need an outlet to release all that tension. You need to learn to laugh at yourself and not take yourself so seriously.


To dream that you are watching a comedy suggests that you need to try and find the humorous side of a situation especially when things seem to get too intense. Sometimes you need to take life less seriously and be more carefree.


To see a comet in your dream indicates that you need to move on and free yourself from emotional and physical burdens. Charge forward toward your goals.


To see or use a comforter in your dream symbolizes warmth, love, security and protection. You may be seeking for some form of shelter from the outside world. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that you are looking for "comfort" or that you need to be "comforted" by someone. You feel depressed.


To see or read comics in your dream suggest that you need to learn to not take yourself so seriously. You need to have more of a sense of humor.

To dream that you are collecting comics indicate that you refuse to see the problems that exist in your life and only want to focus on the good times. Perhaps you are in denial about something.


To dream that you are giving commands refers to ability to express your desires or ideas. The dream may also be telling you that you need to have more of a presence and take a more active role in a situation. Take control over your life and behavior.

To dream that someone is commanding you highlights your subordinate role. Perhaps you need to show more humility in a situation.


To dream of the commandments in your dream suggests that you will be rewarded if you behave and follow the rules. If it is a specific commandment, consider how it relates to you waking situation.


** Please See Announcer .


To dream that you are watching TV commercials signify your tendency to jump from one thing to another without completing your initial responsibilities and tasks. You have a tendency to emotionally distance yourself and remain objective about the situations you are faced with. 

If the commercials quickly jump from one to another, then the dream symbolizes your flightiness.


To dream that you live in a commune indicates that you are withdrawing from society. You are doing things your own way and living by your own set of rules.


To dream that you have difficulties communicating represents low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy. 


To dream of communion symbolizes your conflict with the material world and the spiritual world. You are torn between your values and your feelings. Alternatively, the dream indicates a betrayal. You may also be seeking some form of acceptance.


To have a sense of community in your dream means that you need to nurture your relationships with your family/friends and develop new ties. Perhaps you need to look at expanding your network of friends.

Compact Disc

To see  a compact disc in your dream represents a need for enjoyment or a distraction. It denotes opportunities and possibilities. Consider the type of music and the title of the compact disc. If you are giving away the CD, you may be trying to convey a message to that person within the songs. 

Consider also if the initial "CD" have any additional significance to you. Perhaps it may even be a pun on something that is "seedy".


To see a compass in your dream is a way of your subconscious to show you the way. The dream may be telling you to reconsider the direction in your life and to rethink the path you are taking.

To see or use a drafting compass in your dream represents your set path. You do not like to deviate from your plans, even if it becomes monotonous. Alternatively, a drafting compass symbolizes your drive for perfection.


To dream about compassion indicates that you are lacking this quality in your waking life. You need to be more sympathetic toward others.


To dream that you are in a competition represents your need to grow and expand. Learn the value of endurance and perseverance. You also need to be more assertive. Alternatively, the dream may reflect your anxiety about some real life competition that you are involved in.

To dream that you win a competition suggests that you possess the necessary skills to accomplish a goal or solve a problem in your waking life. 


To dream that you or someone is complaining about something signifies suppressed or unexpressed feelings that are threatening to surface. The actual complaint usually refers to something else that is really bothering you.


To dream of your complexion represents how others perceive you.


To dream that you are giving a compliment suggests that you need to be steadfast and not let others question your authority and position on things. 

To dream that you are being complimented signifies pride and self-love. You feel good about yourself. However, be careful not to let it get to your head.  


To dream that you are a composer signifies that you are creating or directing new found energies to some aspect of your life.


To see compost in your dream suggests that you need to channel and transform your outdated ideas or past experiences into something you can learn from.


To see a computer in your dream symbolizes technology, information, and modern life.  New areas of opportunities are being opened to you. Alternatively, computers represent a lack of individuality and lack of emotions and feelings. Too often, you are just going along with the flow, without voicing your own opinions and views. You may also feel a depreciated sense of superiority.

To dream that your computer has a mind of its own denotes anxiety about technology and loss of control. You are feeling overwhelmed and that you are at the mercy of another.

To dream that a computer has a virus or has crashed suggests that something in your life that is out of control. It may parallel something in your life that has come to a crashing end. If you dream that your computer has a sentient computer virus that would create random or strange artwork, then it depicts your subconscious desires. The artwork may also be a reflection of a situation in your life that you are ignoring. In particular, if the artwork is of a little boy smearing X's with his poop on a calendar, then it indicates past regrets or remorse.

*See the Meaning In Action: " Computer In The Bathroom "

Computer Games

To dream that you are playing computer games represent a situation in your waking life where you either win or lose. If you dream the game is over, then it indicates that something has come to an end. Consider the type of game and how it parallels your life. 

Computer Mouse

To see or use a computer mouse in your dream symbolizes control over your thoughts. If the mouse is malfunctioning, then it denotes confusion.


To see or wear concealer in your dream implies that there is something you are trying to hide. You are trying to hide your true intentions or feelings about something. Alternatively, the dream indicates some insecurities about your true self. 

Concentration Camp

To see or live in a concentration camp in your dream indicates that you are afraid of differences. You are having difficulties accepting others and their differences. Learn to appreciate diversity and the uniqueness in yourself and in others around you. If you actually lived in a concentration camp, then the dream may signify a situation in your waking life which is triggering similar feelings felt at the time.


To dream that you are concerned about something or someone indicates that you are feeling much anxiety, unhappiness, or uneasiness in some situation of your waking life. The concern you have in your dream may be something you need to pay attention to and acknowledge.

To dream that someone is concerned about you implies that you are behaving recklessly.


To dream that you are at a concert represents harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship in your waking life. You are experiencing an uplift in your spirits.

To dream that you are holding a concert symbolizes your untapped talents and hidden potential. You need to show of your creative side.

Conch Shell

To see a conch shell in your dream represents sexual inhibitions.  The dream may also be a warning.


To dream that you have a concussion suggests that you are not utilizing your fullest potential. You need to be more responsive to others, instead of just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. 


To see concrete in your dream represents your solid and clear understanding of some situation. The dream may also mean that you are too unyielding and inflexible. 

To see wet concrete in your dream suggests that some issue or some aspect of your life still remains unresolved. 


To dream that you are a concubine implies that you are compromising your own values and beliefs. You are sacrificing your own happiness to please someone else. 

To dream that you are keeping a concubine refers to a sexual relationship that you are involved in, but have no emotional bond.


To see or live in a condo in your dream refers to your financial and emotional state. You are looking for financial or emotional independence. Consider the appearance of the condo for indication on the current status of your life.


To see a wrapped condom in your dream represents your one-sided viewpoints. You are not allowing others to voice their opinions. It also symbolizes sexual possibilities.

To see an unwrapped condom in your dream indicates sexual frustration. Additionally, it may also indicate that you are experiencing some anxiety about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

To dream that you or your partner is wearing a condom suggests that you feel emotionally protected.


To see a condor in your dream signifies your close connection with your spirituality and to the supernatural. You possess a lot of insight.


To see or dream that you are a conductor represents your abilities to lead and direct yourself toward higher awareness.


To see a cone in your dream represents a flow of ideas and feelings. 


To dream that you are attending a conference suggests that you need to consider the ideas and opinions of others before forming your own conclusion. Don't be so close minded and listen to what others have to say.


To dream that you or someone is confessing represents feelings of guilt and self-blame. Alternatively, it suggests a form of healing. You are heralding new changes into your life.

Confe ssional

To see or be inside a confession booth in your dream represents something that you can no longer keep to yourself. You are feeling guilty or ashamed for your actions.


To see or throw confetti in your dream represents achievement and success.  You have achieved a higher level of growth and learning and are at a turning point in your life. Alternatively, it symbolizes much festivity and fanfare. You may be expressing joy, victory, and freedom from restraint. 


To dream of a confrontation represents a conflict or a fear that you are facing in your waking life. The dream provides a "safe" venue for you to confront your enemy or attacker, who you are afraid of standing up to in your waking life. You need to use your dream to overcome your fears. Next time you have this dream, tell your enemy or attacker that you are not afraid of them!


To see Confucius in your dream indicates that you need to utilize your common sense.  Perhaps you are acting stupid and need to wise up. Alternatively, it represents the importance of loyalty and duty to your family.


To dream that you are confused reflects your true confused state of mind and the nonsensical events of your waking life. Isolate the single element in your dream that is confusing to you and analyze the meaning of that particular symbol. Alternatively, dreams of confusion indicate that you are being pulled in opposite directions or you do not know which viewpoint is right.

Conga Line

To see or be part of a conga line in your dream implies that you are lacking creative expression. You tend to go along with what others are doing or saying. Alternatively, the dream represents light-hearted fun. You need to let loose a little sometimes. 


To dream that you are congratulating someone represents your ability to offer your help and assistance to others.

To dream that you are being congratulated indicates that you need to learn to ask for help when you need it. You need to let go of your pride. Alternatively, the dream represents approval of your action or decision.


To see a conifer in your dream represents longevity and stability.

Conjoined Twins

*Please See Siamese Twins .


To see a conker in your dream implies that you have been callous and/or insensitive toward someone or something. Alternatively, the dreaming of a conker may be a pun to mean conquer. Perhaps there is a situation or problem that you need to overcome or take control of.

If you dream about  playing conkers, then it indicates that you are experiencing some peer pressure.

Con man

To see a conman in your dream indicates that you are being taken advantage of in some way. The dream may highlight fears that you are being played. Perhaps you need to trust your instincts.

To dream that you are a con artist represents your ability to manipulate some situation or relationship. The dream may be calling attention to your lacking conscience and low character. 


To dream that you miss your train or plane connection symbolize missed opportunities. The dream may also be a metaphor for your inability to make contact with something or someone.


To dream that you are being consoled suggests that you are repressing your sorrow or grief. Something in your waking life is bothering you more than you want to admit. The dream is telling you that you need to express your sadness and not keep it inside. Alternatively, the dream implies that you are feeling emotionally neglected. Your feelings are being overlooked.

To dream that you are consoling someone means that you need to be more empathetic to others.


To dream of a conspiracy suggests that you are deceiving others or being deceived by someone. Consider the people who are involved. These people may represent aspects of yourself and thus imply that you are lying to yourself.


To see a constellation in your dream indicates that something in your life is coming together in a complex way. It represents a mental process. Consider what the constellation is depicting.


To dream that you have constipation denotes that you are  unwilling to part with your old ways. You continue to grasp onto your old ways and fail to let go, forgive, and forget. You may be dwelling on past problems and previous  difficulties.


To dream that a building is under construction suggests that you need to work on some aspect of yourself and better your mind or body.

To see construction in your dream signifies a new surge of energy, growth, ambition and renewed confidence. It may also represent the rebuilding of your own life.

To dream that you are walking barefoot on a construction site means that you are not ready to put in the work necessary to improve your mind or body. Perhaps you are in denial that you need any improvement.

Contact Lens

To see or wear contact lens in your dream suggests that you need to focus on the task at hand. You need to pay closer attention to a situation before acting on it. The dream may also be a metaphor that you need to get in "contact" with someone.

If you have difficulties putting on your contact lens in your dream, then it indicates that you are having trouble paying attention. 


To see a container in your dream refers to your tendency to keep your thoughts, ideas or feelings inside instead of expressing them. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you need to be better organized.


To dream that you enter or are in a contest indicates the need to prove yourself as worthy and deserving. If you win the contest, then it represents your self-confidence, pride, and/or conceit.  If you lose the contest, then it indicates a lack of self-esteem. You may not be fully applying yourself to the task at hand. 


To see or dream that you are a contortionist suggests that you are literally getting all twisted and wound up over a problem or situation in your life. Alternatively, it represents flexibility in your thinking or fluidity in your emotions. The dream may also be a metaphor in how you are able to stretch or twist the truth or facts of a situation.


To see or use contraceptive in your dream suggests that you are refusing to let your creativity emerge from beneath the surface. You are holding back some aspect of yourself. The contraceptive  may be a metaphor for protection against emotional hurt. Alternatively, it signifies your anxieties about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.


To dream that you are signing a contract indicates that you are ready to commit to a long term relationship or project. 

To dream that you enter into a bad contract suggests that you need to think twice about committing to a relationship. Carefully examine what you are getting into.


To see a contrail in your dream symbolizes hope, pride and possibilities. Alternatively, the dream may seek to tell you that no matter how far or how fast you go, you will always leave an impression on those you left behind. You will not be forgotten.

Control Tower

To see or dream that you are in a control tower may be a metaphor that you need to get a better handle on your waking life situation. You need to take things one at a time and evaluate the situation individually. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes complete control over your emotions. You may be too overly rational and not let feelings get in the way.


To dream that you are at a convent represents your need for spiritual support and nurturance. You need to isolate yourself and block out any external forces that may cloud your judgment. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are being restricted from fully expressing yourself.


To dream that you are at a convention represents your need for contact and communication. You need to keep in mind that the choices you make with effect those around you. Don't be hesitant in getting them involved in your decision making. The dream is also a metaphor for bringing various aspects of yourself together. Consider the type of convention for additional clues as to what may be lacking in your life.


To dream about a conversion indicates your hopes that some problem or situation can be changed. This dream also represents your mobility and adaptability to situations in life.


To see or dream that you are in a convertible refers to your glamorous attitude. You are showing off your power and influence. 

Conveyer Belt

To see a conveyer belt in your dream suggests that you are stuck in a rut. Your daily routine has become predictable and unchallenging.


To dream that you are a convict suggests that some situation or relationship is making you feel restricted. You may be experiencing a loss of freedom in some area of your life.  Alternatively, the dream represents your feelings of shame and guilt. This dream image is trying to tell you to stop punishing yourself.

To see a convict in your dream indicates that  an aspect of yourself is unable to freely express itself.

Cookie Cutter

To see or use a cookie cutter in your dream symbolizes monotony and sameness. The dream may be telling you to deviate from the norm. Do something or say something unexpected.

Cookie Monster

To see Cookie Monster in your dream indicates that you need to eat more healthier and have a more balanced diet. Alternatively, the dream means that you need to show restraint and control. 


To dream that you are eating, giving, receiving, or stealing cookies indicate that you are letting trivial matters and minor problems annoy you.

To dream that you are baking cookies signify feelings of optimism and increases. You may also experience a rise in status. If you dream that a freshly baked batch of cookies is out of reach, then it implies that someone else is trying to reap your rewards. In other words, someone is trying to take credit for your hard work. If you are able to get the cookies back, then it means that you are aware of your surroundings and of the people around you. You are regaining control.

To see or eat chocolate chip cookies symbolizes your guilty indulgences. If you are baking chocolate chip cookies, then it represents your connection to someone in an intimate and emotional way.

To dream that you are eating an oatmeal cookie suggests that it is okay to indulge once in a while.

Dreaming that you are buying cookies suggests that you are giving into some temptation. You have been working hard and deserve to indulge yourself.


To dream that you are cooking signifies your desire to influence others in such a way so that they will like you or become dependent on you. Alternatively, it represents your nurturing side. You want to be loved. Or the dream could mean that you need to express your creativity.

To dream that you have difficulties cooking indicate that you are trying too hard.

Cooking Oil

To see or use cooking oil in your dream represents a smooth transition. 


To see a cooler in your dream represents someone who is frigid or who has cold personality. As the cooler is a feminine symbol representing the womb, the dream could mean a female in your life who is emotionally cold. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that you need to cool off or that you need to "keep your cool". Consider also what is inside the cooler. 


*Please See Police .


To dream of a copyright indicates that you are guilty of copyright infringement. Content within this dream dictionary has been copied without permission from dream mo0ds.


To see or use a copier in your dream represents your lack of originality and your tendency to copy other's ideas/beliefs. You need to start thinking things through for yourself.  Alternatively, the dream may indicate a desire to spread some idea and circulate the word out.


To see copper in your dream represents the power of healing. It also indicates a flow of ideas, your connection to a situation to others, and flow of information.


*Please Also See Mimic


To see coral in your dream symbolizes protection and the beauty of life. Acknowledging your feelings is the key to a happy and rewarding life. Alternatively, it represents purification and blood.


To see cords in your dream symbolize a lack in independence in a situation or relationship. You are feeling restricted or tied down. If the cord is being cut, then it indicates that you are breaking those relationships that have held you back.


To see or wear corduroy in your dream represents your carefulness and your cautious attitude. 


To see or eat coriander in your dream symbolizes immortality. It also indicates that you are emotionally stable and healthy. 


To see cork in your dream represents your versatility and adaptability in different situations. You have the ability to stay afloat in times of turmoil and rise above your circumstances.

To see a cork pop in your dream symbolizes male sexuality and climax.


To see or use a corkscrew in your dream suggests that some aspect of your life is spinning out of control, especially if you are having difficulties using the corkscrew. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the beginning of a fresh new idea.


*Please See Loon.


To see corn in your dream signifies abundance, prosperity, growth and fertility. Also consider the pun that something is "corny".

To see a field of corn in your dream represents domestic bliss and harmony.


To dream that you are making or eating cornbread refers to your family ties and home life. It brings about the comfort of home. Alternatively, cornbread symbolizes confidence. 


To see or eat a corndog in your dream signifies an easy-going attitude. Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of your day.


To dream that you are in a corner signifies feelings of frustration and lack of control in making decisions. You may feel trapped and "cornered".  Alternatively, it indicates self-punishment.


To dream that you are in a cornfield refers to your desire to escape from your daily demands and/or problems. Alternatively, being in a cornfield suggests that someone one is listening in on you. All ears are on you.


To see cornflower in your dream represents hope, togetherness, and unity.


If you do not wear cornrows in your waking life, but dream that your hair is in cornrows, then it indicates that you need to better organize your thoughts together. It also implies a reserved attitude toward a situation. You are holding back something.


To see a cornucopia in your dream represents abundance,  plentitude, fertility and prosperity. The dream also highlights the union of the feminine and masculine aspects.


To see a corpse in your dream represents an aspect of yourself that has died. Or it may mean that you are unexpressive. You have shut yourself down and are dead inside. 

Correction Tape

To see or use correction tape in your dream represents your desires for a fresh new start. Alternatively, the dream maybe telling you are suppressing past mistakes into your subconscious, instead of learning from them.


To walk along a corridor in your dream signifies a transitional phase of self exploration. It signals spiritual enlightenment, emotional growth, physical prowess, new opportunities and mental passages in your life.   

If  you are walking through a long corridor, then it represents your desperation in trying to escape a repetitive situation or some behavior patterns. You need to free yourself of this repetition. Alternatively, it symbolizes the choices and options that are available to you. You have a lot of things to consider.


To dream about corruption suggests that you need to reevaluate who you associate with. 

Dreaming that you are part of a corrupt entity indicates a lack of values or characters. You only care about satisfying your won interests.


To see or wear a corsage in your dream suggests that an aspect of yourself is looking to be acknowledged and recognized. Alternatively, it is a symbol of honor.

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