Terrorist attack on school

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Terrorist attack on school

Post by Karis13 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:48 am

I keep having this dream that I'm at school right after math in H.R. and I go to the restroom. While I'm in the bathroom, the principle says something on the speakers, and I hear a gun go off in the background. I immediately shut the lights off in the rest room and huddle on the floor. Our bathroom is a one person bathroom with a sliding lock, so he can't get in. He starts shooting the people in the rooms, as one of them doesn't have a working lock and the busts the handle off the other door and shoots that class. He then moves on to mine. He shoots my classmates and friends and then tries to open the bathroom door. He just ends up shooting it. The bullet pierces through the door and hits my stomach. It doesn't penetrate any deeper than the muscle. I dig it out and it drops on the floor. (I see everything in color during my dreams so... the worst is yet to come) He keeps banging on the door. Finally he leaves. I walk out of the bathroom to my class, their bodies on the floor, our flag torn to pieces and stuffed into their wounds. After all of this happens, two dream days later, I kill myself. (Just saying I would never do that in real life)
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Re: Terrorist attack on school

Post by Sheena » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:15 pm

it is the shooter who suicides, a moral sacrifice that stifles revenge. Dreamer in that position signifies guilt over harming other, perhaps by his thoughts. Note, the shredding flag signifies idealism, perhaps rigid, certainly mimetic.
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