Type of Prophetic Dreams:

Prophetic or psychic dreams can be classified into the following categories:

Apparitions : These dreams involve the deceased. The dead appear in dream to deliver an important message.

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Clairaudient Dreams: These dreams involve hearing voices or sounds that are extremely distinct and clear. The voices appear from out of no where. Sometimes you do not know the source of the voice or the sounds. It is important to pay attention to the message. 

Clairvoyant Dreams: Such dreams are so defined when you are dreaming of something that is happening at the exact same time in a real life situation.

Empathic Dreams: You are deeply moved by an event in your dream, but you do not know why. You experience clear and sympathetic feelings and sensations. This type of dreams usually occur amongst families, couples or very close friends.

Shared Dreams: When you and someone close to you have the same dream on the same night, then you have experienced a share dream. Such dreams occur due to the extremely close connection to one another.

Telepathic Dreams: These dreams involve a message that is being delivered via the dream realm. You are able to connect to someone else's thoughts through a dream. Such dreams occurs with someone who you are close to. 

Warning Dreams: As the description suggests, these dreams forewarn of something bad happening to you in the future. Such dreams give you the opportunity to alter the outcome. 

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