remembering your dreams

Why should you remember your dreams?

1. Your dreaming mind has access to vital information that is not readily available to you when you are awake. Your dreams serve as a window to your subconscious and reveal your secret desires and feelings.

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2. In remembering your dreams, you gain increased knowledge, self-awareness and self-healing.  Dreams are an extension of how you perceive yourself. They may be a source of inspiration, wisdom, joy,  imagination and overall improved psychological health.

3. Learning to recall your dreams help you become a more assertive, confident and stronger person.  By remembering your dreams, you are expressing and confronting your feelings.   

4. Dreams help guide you through difficult decisions, relationship issues, health concerns, career questions or any life struggle you may be experiencing.

5. Remembering your dreams help you come to terms with stressful aspects of your lives.

6 . You will learn more about yourself, your aspirations, and your desires through your dreams.

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